CC, Casper Fundraiser for 8-21, 17 Eclipse in Casper, Wyoming
On Aug. 21, 2017, join scientists, photographers, eclipse chasers and thousands of residents from across the globe in a march to the Line of Totality in Casper. With an altitude over 5,000 feet and high probability of clear skies, our little Wyoming town will be one of the best places in the nation to view this celestial spectacle.
UCC, Casper is offering RV space at the same price as the City.
It will be $300 for the five nights. Why five nights? Well, the city is projected to double in size and driving here (and leaving) will be congested, to say the least! So you want to arrive early! Even traffic on the highway here, is predicted to be a challenge.
There are multiple concerts and other activities scheduled to make for a fun time leading up to the Monday Eclipse. Our Church Parking lot would allow for more privacy that the Masses at the event center and such. We are only renting four spaces out. 
Visit  to learn more.
If interested contact Dee at 406-930-1099